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Getting Started - API Activation / Installation

NOTICE: We are in the process of rewriting the API documentation.

Through the use of the inClick API, developers can interact with inClick Ad Server objects and processes from a remote server. Since the inClick API is a web service API, you are able to integrate the inClick Ad Server into just about any other service regardless of environment or operating system. Examples include:

  • Integration into an accounting system
  • Integration into a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system such as [Salesforce] or [SugarCRM]
  • Connecting the inClick Ad Server into your own user interface
  • Extending functionality of the core system (adding your own features)
  • Creating your own software application on the inClick Ad Server foundation.

The inClick Ad Server API will allow you to add, modify, delete and retrieve data. Nearly all functionality found in the existing user interface has a corresponding API service. Some functionality includes:

  • Advertiser
    • Account Information, Creation and Modification
    • Advertisement Creation and Modification. Includes:
      • Geographical Targeting
      • Keyword Targeting
      • Region Targeting
      • Channel Selection
      • Custom Filter Options (3)
    • Reporting and Statistics
    • Conversion Tracking Creation
    • Account Funding
  • Publisher
    • Account Information, Creation and Modification
    • Reporting and Statistics
  • System Administrator
    • Reporting and Statistics
    • Account Lists
    • Campaign Lists and Status
    • Publisher Account Processing - Clear, Post, and Pay
    • Advertiser Payment Processing
    • User Authentication
  • API Exclusive - Advanced Advertisement Request and Delivery Processor
    • Separated tracking for impressions from a given request. For example, request ten ads from the system, then tell the system which three were delivered.
    • Allows for external filtering and targeting options outside the platform.

Quick Start Checklist

The below is an abbreviated checklist on getting the inClick Ad Server API up and running. Each point below is outlined in depth within this document.

  1. Activate the System API service for your inClick account. Status can be found in your inClick.net account under the Account Summary box on the left side of the screen.
  2. (Optional Step) Download the [API source code]. This is needed only if you will be using the API from a remote server.
  3. Configure your existing inClick Ad Server deployment for API Access by creating an API Service Key. An API Service Key is an authentication token, a type of password, that authenticates the API Service Request being made. The API Service Key is a value that you arbitrarily create. It is recommended that you create a service key that is not trivial. Need help creating a secure key? Try using a Password Generator Tool.
  4. Configure your existing inClick Ad Server deployment to utilize PHPOlait (JSON RPC)
  5. Create your first API Call

System Requirements and Dependencies

The following list oulines requirements and dependencies that must be in place to use the inClick Ad Server API:

  • API Activation (Required) - Verify that API services have been activated for your inClick.net account. The API Status can be found in the Account Summary box (left side) of your inClick.net account.
  • The API Source Code Package (Optional) - The API Source Code Package contains the source code API RPC's should you deploy the API on a separate server or host.
  • PHPOlait - PHPOlait is a boiler-plate set of PHP code that provides a transparent bridge between PHP methods using a [JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)] RPC layer. PHPOlait is provided with the inClick Ad Server and is located in the phpolait directory of each deployment. You may copy this directory (and contents) as needed.
  • An inClick Ad Server deployment to connect to (Required).

Ad Server Setup

Before an API request can be processed, you must first enable API usage for each inClick Ad Server deployment. Activating API access is performed by simply creating a service key, an arbitrary or random value used to validate access to the API, and inserting it into the globals_custom.php file located in the globals directory of the ad server. Additionally, you will also need to define the path to PHPOlait. The following code will create the required path to PHPOlait as well as set your API Service Key (Replace "TEST_KEY" with your own value):

Your globals_custom.php file will look similar to this when updated:

Note that $action_vars['api_service_keys'] is an array. This will allow you to utilize more than one key if needed, revoking keys if necessary. To utilize multiple keys, simply extend the array:

Once the above is completed, the API will be ready for service.

Setup your inClick Account
NOTICE: To use the API, you need to make sure the API is enabled for your inClick.net account. To confirm the status of your API service, log into your inClick.net account. Once logged into your account, the System API status indicator can be found in the Account Summary box on the left side of the screen.