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The inClick Ad Server factory interface is based on CSS. As such, you are welcome to manipulate the CSS per the instructions provided below.


Home Page Files

Your inClick Ad Server includes an index.php and index.html file in the root ad server directory. Both of these files can be safely removed from the system as they are not used. The index.php file is a simple redirect to index_client.php, and index.html is a standard HTML page.

NOTE: If you remove these files, you must use the factory login page index_client.php. Attempting to visit the ad server root directory without an index page will likely return a web server error page, a 404 Not Found, which is normal since no index page exists.

Modifying Header and Footer Files

The system header and footer files are located in the /html directory and are named header.html and footer.html. You are permitted to modify the header and footer as needed while maintaining CSS and JS references.

SHOW STOPPER: Do not remove references to the factory CSS and JS files!

When using your own logo, use a unique filename as the images we provide will be replaced during upgrades. Do not replace the factory image with another image of the same name!

SHOW STOPPER: Do not replace the inClick Ad Server logo image file as it is included with all upgrades.

Within the footer.html file is the link to Our licensing does not require you to link or refer to us. You may remove the references to inClick.

NOTICE: It is suggested that you remove the link to us from the footer file!

Changing the System Colors

Color modifications should never be performed at the source code level. To change colors (where available) you will first need to do the following:

  • Create a new CSS file in the root directory of your installation named common.css or something similar. This new CSS file will be where you will create your own CSS that will override the factory CSS options.
  • In the /html directory, edit the file named header.html by removing the comment HTML tags around the style sheet reference (look around line 11-13):
Once steps 1 and 2 are done, you can add CSS information inside the new user_common.css file. This file will overwrite settings found in the factory provided CSS file.
SHOW STOPPER: Do not edit inclick_style.css or remove the reference from your header. Failure to follow this requirement can lead to unexpected behavior.

Changing the AdChoices Ad Panel Image

See this link for instructions.