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inClick Ad Server - 4.1.004-1


Available Beta Programs

This is a list of available beta programs. To participate in any of the following programs, please open a support ticket.

  • Responsive / Adaptive Native Ad Block.
  • Traffic and Click Validation - This program utilizes a third party service to validate traffic.
  • Domain Level Approvals - This program adds an approval requirement for each domain that will show ads from your network. If ad code is placed on a domain for which it was not assigned, no paid ads will be delivered. To activate this option, please open a support ticket requesting participation in the Domain Level Approval Beta.
  • Mobile Segmentation - This program will allow your advertisers to select from the following classifications of browser.
    • Mobile Smartphone
    • Mobile Tablet
    • Desktop / Laptop
  • Placement Targeting - This feature allows an identifier, typically a SubID, from an ad code to become a targeting option by the advertiser. This could be configured in many different ways, so please ask your inClick Account Representative if this feature is the right fit for you.

Known Bugs

This is a list of known bugs that are being addressed for the next release.

  • No known issues to report at this time.

Version - 5.0.009-13 Release 9/14/2017

  • 0010870: [Bug] Publisher Channel Reporting Missing Click Data

Version - 5.0.009-12 Release 9/13/2017

Roll-up of release 009-09 to 009-12

  • 0010869: [Security] Security Advisory - SQL Injection
  • 0010810: [Feature] Add Async Option to Pop-Under Ad Code
  • 0010813: [Feature] Add GZip Compression To Ad Delivery Endpoints
  • 0010812: [Feature] Add Gzip Support to UI
  • 0010843: [Feature] Add Ability Limit Record Count for Campaign Summary View (Currently Hard Set to 50) - Global Setting
  • 0010866: [Feature] Add Text Describing Drag-n-Drop Image Uploads
  • 0010814: [Feature] Add Account Status to Account CSV Export
  • 0010867: [Feature] Campaign Tagging Phase 1
  • 0010840: [Feature] Allow for New Advertiser Accounts to default to Pending Review
  • 0010811: [Feature] Add Warm-up To New Campaigns - Deliver at X% Until Yield Optimized (Configurable via Support Request)
  • 0010822: [Other] Change Campaign Icon from Tags to Tasks
  • 0010823: [Other] Add Tag Glyph Next To Drop Down Glyph
  • 0010793: [Bug] Filtering of Location Perf by Placement ID Only for Today
  • 0010818: [Bug] Add Field Type Support to Custom Fields

Version - 5.0.009-8 Release Pending

  • 0010788: [Bug] Unable to Post Invoice Payment

Version - 5.0.009-7 Release Pending

  • 0010787: [Bug] Publisher Dashboard, Earnings, Last 30 Days Widget Not Accurate

Version - 5.0.009-6 Release Pending

  • 0010750: [Feature] Add the Media Type to the String Replacement Options for Clicks
  • 0010786: [Other] Allow Ad Code Wizard When Using Domain Level Approvals
  • 0010785: [Bug] Floating Point / Rounding Issues With Micro Bidding
  • 0010748: [Bug] Ad Requests with Placement ID Targeting Not Functioning

Version - 5.0.009-5 Release Pending

  • 0010744: [Feature] Add Configuration Option for Ad Count (text/hybrid) For Custom Ad Codes

Version - 5.0.009-4 Release Pending

  • 0010727: [Feature] Add Placement ID Search Option to Location Performance Report
  • 0010728: [Feature] Add Placement ID Search Option to Channel Performance Report
  • 0010736: [Feature] Add Additional String Replacements for Ad Text - City / State / Country
  • 0010726: [Feature] Add Placement ID Search Option to Daily Performance Report
  • 0010725: [Feature] SubID/PlacementID Reports - Add support for a NOT Condition for the SubID/PlacementID
  • 0010721: [Other] Update Click String Replacement Behavior
  • 0010739: [Other] Renamed Ad Rendering Elements - AdBlock Prevention
  • 0010723: [Other] Remove "Ad Code" Text from Header and Footer in the Ad Code Wizard results
  • 0010743: [Bug] Clearing Publisher Payments Sometimes Produces Error

Version - 5.0.009-3 Release Pending

  • 0010714: [Feature] Allow for Wild-Card Searches on SubID / Placement ID in Reports
  • 0010715: [Bug] Update for Pop-under Beta - CPM entry

Version - 5.0.009-2 Release 1/13/2017

  • 0010697: [Feature] Publisher SubID / Placement Report - Create Link to Revenue Summary report Filtered to SubID / Placement ID.
  • 0010698: [Bug] Photo Text Ads Not Clickable.

Version - 5.0.009-1 Release 1/12/2017

  • 0010688: [Feature] Add Configurable Maximum Single Payment Limit for CC on EPG.
  • 0010689: [Feature] Integration Tools > Web Ad Code > - Add the Ad Code Number Identifier.
  • 0010684: [Feature - Beta] Add Pop-under support.
  • 0010695: [Bug] New Advertiser Welcome Email Login URL Not Functional For Some Email Clients.
  • 0010690: [Bug] URL Publisher Reporting Channel URL Detection Issue.
  • 0010686: [Bug] Unable to Build Placement Targeting Lists.
  • 0010616: [Bug] Missing Ad ID in CSV Report "Report by Ad".
  • 0010685: [Bug] Admin Channel Performance Report Bug.
  • 0010559: [Bug] CSV Version of Advertisement Report needs Campaign ID and Ad ID.
  • 0010614: [Bug] Publisher Payment PayPal Link Invalid Amount.
  • 0010178: [Bug] Paying Publisher with Provided Paypal Link Does Not Use System Currency Setting.

Version - 5.0.008-8 Release 7/13/2016

  • 0010526: [Feature] Support Multi-Domain Ad Codes for Domain Level Approval.
  • 0010476: [Feature] Add Expiration Support to IP Blocklist Updates - API.
  • 0010530: [Feature] Add Custom Campaign Filter Criteria to Advertiser Reports (patrick) - resolved.
  • 0010532: [Feature] Add Media Type and Size Filter to Advertiser Reports.
  • 0010529: [Feature] Optimize / Improve Display of Custom Filter Criteria.
  • 0010534: [Feature] Add Admin Report Filter: Custom Campaign Filters (patrick) - resolved.
  • 0010528: [Feature] Add Channel Filtering to Publisher Reports.
  • 0010535: [Feature] Updated Statistics Data Storage.
  • 0010477: [Feature] Definable Click URL and Path.
  • 0010543: [Bug] Currency Not Correctly Passed for Website Payment Pro Gateway.
  • 0010243: [Bug] Remove X-Priority for Outbound Email Messages.
  • 0010531: [Bug] Update Geographical Targeting Ad Creation Step to Display Country List on Active.
  • 0010527: [Bug] Currency precision bug with publisher reports.

Version - 5.0.008-4 Release 4/27/2016

  • 0010394: [Feature] Add the Channel Filter to all Publisher Reports.
  • 0010395: [Feature] Add Average CPC to All Publisher Reports.
  • 0010392: [Feature] Click Path and Processor Customizable.
  • 0010393: [Bug] When Broad Domain Level Approval is Active, Missing Return Notice of No Approved Domains.

Version - 5.0.008-2 Release 2/25/2016

  • 0010317: [Feature] Add Configuration Option to Allow Ad Codes to be on Any Account Level Domain.
  • 0010037: [Feature] Add Domain Identifier to Review Domains View.
    • Domain Level Approval Beta - Open a Support Ticket
  • 0010304: [Other] Updated Click Verification Rules.
  • 0010044: [Other] Updated data storage model for faster reporting.
  • 0010301: [Bug] Unauthorized Publishers Still Receive Ads.
  • 0009871: [Bug] IP search for Click Log is not validated.
  • 0010040: [Bug] Dashboard Latency Causes Browser to Wait.
  • 0010039: [Bug] Ad Inventory View Displays Incorrectly Geo Targeted Ads.

Version 5.0.006-1 Release 8/10/2015

  • 0009850: [Feature] Added CSV Download of Ad Inventory View.
  • 0009858: [Feature] Show domains pending review on Admin login.
    • Domain Level Approval Beta - Open a Support Ticket
  • 0009791: [Feature] Add the Ability To Disable Campaign State Change Admin Emails (Support Ticket Required).
  • 0009845: [Feature] Results from Looking Glass - Identify a Blocklisted IP.
  • 0009792: [Feature] Added Ad Inventory View - What is available in the system currently.
  • 0009767: [Feature] Add Advertisement report to Advertiser interface.
  • 0009770: [Feature] In admin mode campaign modification should show all countries.
  • 0009768: [Feature] Add option to disable yield optimization (Support Ticket Required).
  • 0009765: [Feature] Add support for [ad_name] as a URL substitution variable.
  • 0009644: [Feature] End User REST Advertiser API: Campaign Ad Report added (Support Ticket Required).
  • 0009673: [Feature] String Replacement / Click Macro for ClickIP and ImpressionIP for Destination URL.
  • 0009643: [Feature] System Configuration - Add administrator support to change randomization settings.
  • 0001482: [Bug] Download of large reports will timeout.
  • 0009859: [Bug] Validate Domain Name for Domain Approval System (beta).
  • 0009741: [Bug] Updated Looking Glass Behavior for Multiple Creative Selections.
  • 0009769: [Bug] CSV Click Log uses excess memory when downloading large click logs (>1M records)
  • 0009766: [Bug] Delivery data occasionally out of sync with storage data.
  • 0009764: [Bug] SEM URL variables not substituted properly.

Version 5.0.005-1 Release 5/11/2015

  • 0009614: [Feature] Hide Promo Code From Advertiser Invoices.
  • 0009597: [Feature] Add 728x15 ad size support.
  • 0009559: [Feature] Add 250x250 and 300x300 To Photo Block / Native Ad Panel.
  • 0009609: [Bug] Publisher Reporting Channel impression processing falls behind for deployments with more than 10M daily impressions.
  • 0009601: [Bug] API Update: Media type info not available for ad code styles.
  • 0009599: [Bug] High CTR values cause the dashboard to not load.
  • 0009608: [Bug] QA: When Viewing Admin > Campaigns > View X, Text of Ad Suffixed with Blah.
  • 0009600: [Bug] Click Log loads slowly for deployments with more than 500k daily clicks.
  • 0009616: [Bug] EPG Payment Page does not use user's language.

Version 5.0.004-3 Release 4/2/2015

  • 0008540: [Feature] Publisher API: Expose media type filtering
  • 0009509: [Feature] Change campaign report sort order to use the campaign name instead of the campaign ID
  • 0009525: [Feature] Add Configuration Option to modify Code 2 Click acceptance
  • 0009526: [Bug] Placement Targeting Bulk Upload
  • 0009513: [Bug] IP Block List Does Not Work With All IP Addresses
  • 0009524: [Bug] Single Ad Rendered Twice Within Frame Resulting in Excessive Bandwidth Consumption

Version 5.0.004-2 Release 3/27/2015

  • 0009507: [Feature] Add Option to Upload Target Lists For Placement Targeting Options
  • 0009504: [Feature] Add ability to disable yield optimization - (Enabled Via Support Ticket)
  • 0009508: [Other] Expand Looking Glass Feature - Includes Custom Filters
  • 0009489: [Bug] Yield is calculated incorrectly when it is too low of a value

Version 5.0.004-1 Release 3/17/2015

  • 0009451: [Feature] Option To Lock Publisher Mailing Address Data - (Open Support Ticket to Enable)
  • 0009413: [Feature] Looking Glass Feature - Ad Request Review Service
  • 0009425: [Feature] Custom Campaign Update Listener - External Controls
  • 0009424: [Feature] Ability to add post-click logic via post-click filter
  • 0009394: [Bug] Moving Ads Causes Duplicate Delivery Rows
  • 0009422: [Bug] Ad Panels Do Not Show for IE 11
  • 0009395: [Bug] Some Campaigns Will Not Deliver Due To Budget When Budget is OK in Sub-Penny configurations
  • 0009374: [Bug] Admin - Review Campaigns Paging Non-Functional for With Adult Filters Enabled
  • 0009285: [Bug] Campaign List - Expanded View Displays "Broad or Content Reach" When Not Used Causing Confusion
  • 0009454: [Bug] Site approval issue when international/i18n domains are used
  • 0009428: [Bug] Local Threat Block List Does Not Purge
  • 0009429: [Bug] When using the Third Party Ad Code, HTML Renders With Padding

Version 5.0.003-2 Release 2/5/2015

  • 0009336: [Security] Security Issue Tracking ID 9336
  • 0009345: [Security] Security Issue Tracking ID 9345
  • 0009346: [Bug] Declined Credit Card Payments Return the Incorrect Decline Message
  • 0009344: [Bug] SSL Cloud UI Indicates SSL Warning Message for Admins
  • 0009343: [Bug] API Update - setAdvertiserIDFilter on the API campaign search filter now works as expected
  • 0009335: [Bug] Data Processing Stalled - Hosted Deployments
  • 0009337: [Bug] Publisher Placements Not Getting Generated
  • 0009350: [Bug] Ads By Text on Photo Block Ads are Truncated / Trimmed
  • 0009349: [Bug] Certain Conditions Cause Photo Blocks to Open in Both Parent and Target Windows (Tabs) at the same time
  • 0009351: [Bug] Easy Feed / Flex / Rail Based Creatives Do Not Obey Target Blank Option
  • 0009348: [Bug] Resetting Multiple Campaign Performances Causes Pending Changes Widget Rendering Issues
  • 0009347: [Other] Remove System Restriction for Posted Credits and Payments

Version 5.0.003-1 Released 1/20/2014

  • 0009278: [Feature] Ad Code - Add Ads by line to Photo Blocks
  • 0009279: [Feature] Add the ability to reset a campaign and/or advertisement's performance
  • 0009274: [Feature - Beta] Add Publisher SubID Performance Report Via REST Interface
  • 0009229: [Feature] Update Yield Optimization - Per Advertisement
  • 0009228: [Feature] Add the Country to the String Replacement List for Destination URLs
  • 0009275: [Bug] Publisher Account Not Balanced - Clicks / Commission / Total - Sub-penny configurations
  • 0009283: [Bug] Click Log Values Should Not Be Floored to Two Decimal Places
  • 0009282: [Bug] Changing a Commission Rate For Publisher to 28 or 29% Displays as Zero in UI
  • 0009281: [Bug] Captcha Error For New Publisher Accounts Created by Admin
  • 0009280: [Bug] Campaign List - Adult Filters not working as intended
  • 0009233: [Bug] Duplicate usernames during account creation
  • 0009266: [Bug] Updating Creative Image Does Not Place Campaign In Review State
  • 0009253: [Bug] Missing Text String - common.values.campaign_status.paused_daily_budget
  • 0009273: [Bug] Missing New Language String(s)

Version 5.0.002-1 Released 11/19/2014

  • 0009100: [Feature] Provide ability to filter any menu items for Advertiser, Publisher and Admin
  • 0009163: [Feature] Photo Block Ad Code Examples should have option to be shown with the Text Overlay
  • 0009162: [Feature] Add ability to Comply with IP Privacy Restrictions
  • 0009167: [Bug] Promotional Codes Do Not Work For PayPal Payments
  • 0009030: [Bug] Manual Credits with an Invoice via Admin Does Not Handle Tax Correctly
  • 0009164: [Other] Publisher Signup - When domain approval is enabled take the user to the add domain screen first
  • 0008980: [Other] Update Account Profile Should Return User to the Account Profile View

Version 5.0.001 Released 11/12/2014

inClick Cloud Release - inClick Cloud rewrites the user interface from the ground up utilizing the bootstrap framework. inClick Cloud (v5) also marks the beginning of the changes to the back-end data processing and handling processes.

  • 0000000: [Feature] New UI - This release introduces a revamped user interface.

Version 4.1.009-1 / 4.1.009-2 Released 7/9/2014

This is the last inClick Download release

  • 0008537: [Feature] API Update - Publisher Reporting functionality
  • 0008592: [Feature] API Update - Campaign Blocklist Settings
  • 0008591: [Feature] API Update - Campaign accelerated delivery setting
  • 0008590: [Feature] API Update - Missing ability to specify day parting settings for campaigns
  • 0008597: [Feature] API Update - Adult Content settings not available via the API
  • 0008598: [Feature] API Update - Campaign support for targeting/blocking publisher placements is not available
  • 0008536: [Feature] API Update - Advertiser API: Functionality Missing - Tools > Domain Filters
  • 0008536: [Feature] API Update - Advertiser API: Functionality Missing - Tools > IP Block List
  • 0008536: [Feature] API Update - Advertiser API: Functionality Missing - Funding > Invoices
  • 0008540: [Feature] API Update - Publisher API does not expose media type filtering
  • 0008421: [Feature] API Update - Add Domain Level Approvals
  • 0008626: [Bug] API Update - Advertisement name is unavailable to the API
  • 0008733: [Bug] Click Referrer Logged Incorrectly On Audited Clicks
  • 0008723: [Bug] Rename Limit Consecutive Ads to Limit Consecutive Campaigns
  • 0008732: [Bug] SEM / Click Post Processing URL Not Working For Ad Panels
  • 0008686: [Bug] Advertiser provided IP Blocklist Not Working
  • 0008714: [Bug] Marking an admin blocklist as inactive changes it to Optional not Inactive
  • 0008697: [Bug] Campaign Approved Email Does Not Include the Users Name

Version 4.1.008-3 Released 6/16/2014

  • 0008656: [Bug] Images for Ads in the User Interface Sometimes Do Not Appear.
  • 0008654: [Bug] Destination URLs that require parameters failing on review step.

Version 4.1.008-2 Released 6/3/2014

  • 0008623: [Bug] Advertiser Payments Not Creating Invoices

Version 4.1.008-1 Released 5/21/2014

  • 0008550: [Feature] Publisher Placements - Ability to target or block a list of placements as an advertiser (Beta Feature)
  • 0008535: [Bug] Promotional Codes Do Not Work For Check / Wire Payments
  • 0008541: [Bug] Creating a Publisher Credit Uses Advertiser Invoicing Process
  • 0008489: [Bug] Click Log CSV Duplicate Rows
  • 0008525: [Bug] Click log can show duplicate records under certain circumstances
  • 0008500: [Bug] Using Custom Code to Hide Ad Codes Also Hides XML Integration
  • 0008527: [Bug] Campaigns Review Ad - Shows adult settings when adult content is not enabled
  • 0008528: [Bug] Publisher Payments are showing up as Taxes in Transaction Report

Version 4.1.007-1 Released 4/24/2014

  • 0008406: [Feature] Advertiser - Per Advertisement Reporting
  • 0008419: [Bug] When Using Custom Filters, Unable To Remove An Added Selection
  • 0008373: [Bug] Custom Filter Options Do Not Support Language Strings
  • 0008407: [Bug] API - Unable to Set Publisher SubID Data
  • 0008384: [Bug] Internal Ajax Service Update

Version 4.1.006-1 Released 4/9/2014

  • 0008269: [Feature] Add The Ability to Hide An Ad Code in the Ad Code Publisher view
  • 0008077: [Feature] Added New Report: Account Export for Bulk Mail Usage
  • 0008209: [Feature] Add a String Replacement to the Click Through URL - Time Stamp
  • 0008268: [Feature] Full Ad Code Modification Changes In Admin Mode
  • 0008327: [Feature] API Update - Add the Ability to Exclude Campaigns From An Ad Request - XML / API Only
  • 0008328: [Feature] API Update - Add The Ability to Exclude All Campaigns From Defined Advertiser(s) - XML / API Only
  • 0008325: [Feature] API Update - Add the Option To Specify Campaign ID's - XML / API Only
  • 0008326: [Feature] API Update - Add Extended Filters to Delivery Request
  • 0008308: [Bug] inContext - Index Page Keywords Do Not Always Match Broad Keyword From a Campaign
  • 0008347: [Bug] Campaign List View - Ad sizing is incorrect when multiple ads are shown for 1 campaign
  • 0008351: [Bug] Admin Review of Domains Unable to Edit Content Flags
  • 0008339: [Bug] Manage Domains Allows Multiple Entries of the Same Domain
  • 0008340: [Bug] Long Domain List Causes Timeouts (patrick) - resolved.
  • 0008294: [Bug] Publisher Reporting Channels - Multiple Channels Per Code Fails (bing) - resolved.
  • 0008261: [Bug] Missing Adult XML Related Parameters (patrick) - resolved.
  • 0008265: [Bug] Photo-Block Rendering Issues with Asynchronously Loaded JS On Same Page
  • 0008154: [Bug] Declined Publishers Can Access Account
  • 0008217: [Bug] Internet Explorer Versions 10/11 Does Not Allow Image Uploads
  • 0008200: [Bug] Unable to Reactivate a Disabled Publisher Reporting Channel
  • 0008363: [Bug] Publisher Ad Code Creation - Hide Color Selection Box For Image Only Selection.
  • 0008373: [Bug] Custom Filter Options Do Not Support Language Strings

Version 4.1.005-1 Released 2/11/2014

  • 0008107: [Feature] Photo Block Ad Implementation.
  • 0008109: [Feature] Admin Override for Minimum CPC.
  • 0007714: [Bug] inContext - Indexing fails on deployments without mb_string support.
  • 0008054: [Bug] Invoice does not calculate the amounts correctly when tax is applied.
  • 0008011: [Bug] Rendering of IAB panels in Ad Code Examples Truncates Ads By Text.
  • 0008108: [Bug] Keyword and Location report menu items are available when the features are disabled.

Version 4.1.004-2 Released 11/26/2013

  • 0007957: [Bug] Some new installations did not support Block Lists correctly causing ad delivery issues (no ads).

Version 4.1.004-1 Released 11/20/2013

  • 0007927: [Feature] Support for PHP 5.4 / Zend Guard Loader.
  • 0007928: [Feature] Added Support for IP Block Lists.
  • 0007862: [Feature] Added BluePay Gateway Support.
  • 0007919: [Feature] Delivery Request Option per Custom Filter - Limited or Not.
  • 0007863: [Feature] Add a header and footer to the Invoicing System.
  • 0007580: [Bug] Inconsistent status names for Active (Low Volume).
  • 0007581: [Bug] Language selection not used as intended for emails.
  • 0007576: [Bug] Multi-Language - Rollover text with certain characters causes JavaScript errors.
  • 0007798: [Bug] System Setup Screen Formatting Issues.
  • 0007797: [Bug] Automatic Funding Message Not Correct for First Time Deposits.
  • 0007784: [Bug] Advertiser > Summary > Campaign Actions Not Shown in Internet Explorer 10.
  • 0007846: [Bug] Advertiser Account Summary Widget Malformed.
  • 0007844: [Bug] Advertiser Edit Ad View Malformed.

Version 4.1.003-x Internal Branch

This release was not a public release.

Version 4.1.002-9 Released 11/5/2013

  • 0007894: [Bug] API - Unable to Retrieve Ads with Images.

Version 4.1.002-8 Internal Services Update

This release was not a public update.

Version 4.1.002-7 Released 8/9/2013

  • 0007648: [Bug] Ad Code Storage Issue when Upgrading from 4.1.001-x to 4.1.002-x On Some Deployments.
  • 0007649: [Other] API Update - New Advertiser Account Address Information Now Required.

Version 4.1.002-6 Released 8/5/2013

  • 0007634: [Bug] New Advertiser Ad Creation Fails When Only One Channel Exists.

Version 4.1.002-5 Released 8/1/2013

  • 0007623: [Bug] Click Log Summary Report for Advertisers Not Including Current Days Data.
  • 0007579: [Bug] Duplication of campaign with multiple ads does not work as intended.

Version 4.1.002-3 / 4.1.002-4 Released 7/9/2013

  • 0007561: [Bug] Drop down fields are problematic when the text is too long on localized text.
  • 0007549: [Bug] API - Unable to Create Advertiser Account Due To Incorrect Missing Field Report.
  • 0007550: [Bug] Currency Symbols in the System Configuration Fields Make Updates Difficult.
  • 0007562: [Bug] Internet Explorer: Language selector is not functional.
  • 0007531: [Bug] Daily Budget Met text not loaded from localized language files.
  • 0007032: [Feature] Implement multi-country region targeting beyond the USA.
  • 0007075: [Feature] Allow inContext Timeout to be Configurable.
  • 0007484: [Feature] Make Ad Choices Icon Configurable.

Version 4.1.002-1 / 4.1.002-2 Released 6/25/2013

  • 0002259: [Bug] Advertiser contact profile not updated when using PayPal payments.
  • 0006215: [Bug] Update header.html for W3C compliance.
  • 0007275: [Bug] Web Ad Code Image Examples Malformed - Customer Report.
  • 0007320: [Bug] Updated Country Selection Formatting and Selector - New User / Existing User.
  • 0007072: [Feature] Add the option to allow an ad panel click to open a new window.
  • 0001418: [Feature] Support Other Languages - Language File.
  • 0002871: [Feature] Support Other Languages - Outbound Emails.
  • 0003635: [Feature] Allow the deployed ad server to be set to different default currency (Phase 1 Currency Support).
  • 0007330: [Feature] Tax Centers/VAT support.
  • 0007329: [Feature] Implement invoicing system for payments and pending payments.
  • 0007527: [Feature] Add the ability to invoice advertisers.
  • 0007331: [Feature] Ability to customize campaign creation/modification.
  • 0000560: [Feature] Day-parting by day and hour.
  • 0001441: [Feature] Add payment option - Wire.
  • 0001442: [Feature] Add payment option - Mail In.
  • 0007332: [Feature] Add Domain Filter for Advertisers.
  • 0007529: [Feature] Add the ability to create new advertiser and publisher accounts via the admin.
  • 0007363: [Feature] Ability to add custom fields for publisher and advertiser accounts.
  • 0007339: [Feature] Add a Create New Campaign Button to Campaign Summary.
  • 0007428: [Feature] Add sem_url third party click-through tracking support to factory ad code.
  • 0007073: [Feature] API Update - Add Stored Ad Code Model.
  • 0007524: [Feature] Publisher Signup: Publishers confused by URL validation due to missing http://.
  • 0007505: [Feature] API Update - Password Reset Without Original Password.

Version 4.1.001-15 Released 6/11/2013

  • 0007492: [Bug] Ad Panels Do Not Rotate Ads From A Single Campaign

Version 4.1.001-14 Released 5/30/2013

  • 0007469: [Bug] Ad Panel Placements Are Pushed to Bottom of Page

Version 4.1.001-13 Released 5/30/2013

  • 0007384: [Bug] Randomization of Ads in a Campaign Not Occurring in IAB Panels.
  • 0007462: [Bug] Ads are not being randomized for a request for more than 30 seconds.
  • 0007459: [Bug] Ads By link does not click-through correctly in some instances.
  • 0007454: [Bug] Text Ad Rendering Issue 468x60 Truncates Bottom of j, g, q, and p's.
  • 0007461: [Bug] API - Impression Count Not Logged With Correct Country ID (bing).
  • 0007460: [Bug] API - Ad Requests With Request ID Does Not Return Consistent Results.
  • 0007129: [Bug] Photo-Text Ad Panels With One Ad Centers Text Should Justify
  • 0007458: [Feature] Add an Advertiser Click Log Admin Option
  • 0007291: [Feature] API - Add Multiple Creatives Support to a Campaign.
  • 0007463: [Feature] API - Add the ability to specify the use of supplemental ads on an API based request.

Version 4.1.001-9 Released 2/13/2013

  • 0007122: [Bug] API Based Click Processing Not Functioning.
  • 0007115: [Bug] Ads By Text for Panels Incorrect.

Version 4.1.001-8 Released 2/12/2013

  • 0007113: [Bug] Image Ads Do Not Appear For Specific Configuration.
  • 0007108: [Bug] When Creating or Editing and Ad, Characters Remaining Box is Visible.
  • 0007114: [Other] Improved Ad Request API Response Performance.

Version 4.1.001-7 Released 1/23/2013

  • 0007049: [Bug] Conversions are not handled correctly when advertisements are requested via the API.
  • 0007056: [Bug] Country Identification Not Working in the Click Log - Native PHP Geo only (PECL OK).
  • 0007041: [Bug] New Advertisement Workflow Confusing With Region Support Active.
  • 0007050: [Bug] Legacy Ad Code rendering issue with borders in Firefox and IE.

Version 4.1.001-6 Released 1/16/2013

  • 0007029: [Bug] API Ad Code Generation not working.
  • 0007030: [Bug] Flexad media type rotation not working correctly.
  • 0006294: [Other] JSONP should use the REMOTE_ADDR if an IP is not provided.
  • 0006854: [Feature] Suggested: During Create Ad Code process, default all creative types to checked.
  • 0006852: [Feature] Updated Advertisement Type creative type naming.
  • 0007028: [Feature] Need to provide a message when statistics get out of date.
  • 0006734: [Feature] Allow the User Agent for inContext to be user configurable.
  • 0006347: [Feature] Allow repeat click windows to be configurable.
  • 0007031: [Feature] Phase 1 GeoIP Targeting - Targeting to US Marketing Regions and States.

Version 4.1.001-5 Released 1/11/2013

  • 0006548: [Bug] When Pausing or Resuming Campaign, Status does not change immediately.
  • 0007007: [Feature] Add Advertiser Campaign List Missing Actions (Pause, Resume, Close).

Version 4.1.001-4 Released 1/7/2013

  • 0006973: [Bug] Randomization on House Ads Not Occurring.

Version 4.1.001-3 Released 12/27/2012

  • 0006949: [Bug] Web Ad Code, Easy Feed Display Options Misconfigured.
  • 0006944: [Bug] Easyfeed Legacy Code Not Working.
  • 0006945: [Bug] Filler Content URL Date Not Saved in Stored Ad Codes.
  • 0006947: [Bug] Legacy Ad Code Overrides in globals_custom.php No Longer Functional - Formal support Added.

Version 4.1.001-2 Released 12/20/2012

  • 0006936: [Bug] Editing Easy Feed Ad Code presents Photo-Text Example.
  • 0006887: [Other] Add an "Add More Advertisements" link to Your Ads.

Version 4.1.001-1 Released 12/19/2012

  • 0003577: [Bug] Accounts with thousands of campaigns and multiple keywords per campaign unable to view keyword report.
  • 0003464: [Feature] Change Ad Code Generation to a Stored Code Model.
  • 0004904: [Feature] Multiple Ads to a Campaign.
  • 0001004: [Feature] IAB and Custom Sized Image Based Ad Support.
  • 0005330: [Refactor] Refactor Easyfeed, Flextile, and IAB Ad Codes.
  • 0006603: [Other] Update API Calls To Apply a User-Agent.
  • 0004579: [Other] Conversion Code uses Delivery URL which may not utilize SSL.
  • 0002117: [Update] Updated reporting manager objects for performance

Version 4.0.018-5 Released 9/7/2012

  • 0006572: [Bug] Cron Job Error - Debug notice not suppressed.
  • 0006644: [Bug] Publisher Revenue Summary Report Ad Block CPM incorrect for Publisher Reporting Channels.
  • 0006655: [Bug] Updating the Secure Ad Delivery URL field does not appear to be saved in the User Interface.
  • 0006660: [Feature] Add support for SSL on factory ad codes.
  • 0006649: [Feature] Increase Password Length Character Limit - 50 characters.

Version 4.0.018-3 Released 8/30/2012

  • 0006634: [Bug] View Recommended CPC is not working, displays error for new deployments.

Version 4.0.018-2 Released 7/8/2012

Version 4.0.018-1 Released 6/26/2012

  • 0005913: [Bug] Delivery Engine Update - Slow Status Updates for campaigns with large targeting sets.
  • 0004161: [Feature] Add dynamic custom filter insertion into the destination URL.
  • 0006330: [Feature] Update substitution data into the destination URL.
  • 0006505: [Refactor] Update data storage to be more efficient and contain additional more targeting data views.
  • 0006504: [Feature] Add reports for location and mobile targeting information.
  • 0004442: [Feature] Allow advertisers to select between deliver as quick as possible or to span the entire day with regard to daily budget.
  • 0005321: [Feature] Create efficient and scalable archival method for click data.
  • 0005884: [Feature] Add SubID Reporting and Tracking.
  • 0006309: [Feature] Added extended targeting data views when viewing the Admin > Review Campaigns report.

Version 4.0.017-8 Released 5/10/2012

  • 0006351: [Improvement] Improve Randomization Routines for All Ad Requests

Version 4.0.017-6 Released 4/30/2012

  • 0006183: [Bug] Publisher Reporting Channel clicks do not appear.

Version 4.0.017-5 Released 4/17/2012

  • 0006257: [Click Processing] Added Invalid Click Processor for file:// Based Requests

Version 4.0.017-4 Released 4/2/2012

  • 0006206: [Bug] Email of Server Status report references the incorrect GeoIP file.
  • 0006214: [Bug] The factory login screen Login button too close to the Lost Password link.
  • 0006217: [Bug] Campaign performance expected yield updates not always correct on some deployments.

Version 4.0.017-3 Internal Update

Version 4.0.017-2 Released 3/14/2012

  • 0006182: [Bug] Some Clicks Passed as Valid when Invalid.
  • 0006183: [Bug] Publisher Reporting Channel clicks do not appear.

Version 4.0.017-1 Released 3/13/2012

  • 0006153: [Feature] Add method of bulk approving ads.
  • 0006140: [Feature] Added advertiser ID filter to the click log.
  • 0006139: [Other] Improve efficiency of publisher channel click processing.
  • 0006138: [Other] Improve click processing and replication performance.
  • 0006154: [Installer] Add InnoDB (now required) check to installation process.
  • 0006155: [Bug] Reset filter when viewing performance for a specific publisher as admin.
  • 0006132: [Bug] Updated GeoIP utilization. Smaller size for country level targeting.
  • 0006152: [Bug] Publisher earnings are not always floored as intended for users of fractional bidding.
  • 0006141: [Mobile Beta] Mobile targeting options for device and carrier detection.

Version 4.0.014-3 Released 11/17/2011

  • 0005961: [Bug] Keyword Index for inContext Not Being Built for some environments.

Version 4.0.014-2 Released 10/26/2011

  • 0005928: [Bug] inContext not matching page content correctly on some deployments.
  • 0005927: [Bug] Upgrade to 4.0.014-1 does not apply all database updates causing slow delivery issues on some deployments.
  • 0005926: [Bug] Some ads do not appear after upgrade to 4.0.014-1 for deployments with thousands of campaigns.
  • 0005925: [Bug] Duplicate Campaign feature does not work with text only ads.

Version 4.0.014-1 Released 10/20/2011

  • 0005770: [Bug] Channel Performance Report is incorrect.
  • 0005888: [Bug] Slow processing of Publisher Reporting Channel Data for large scale deployments.
  • 0005834: [Bug] Add Funds page does not show rebilling note due to Javascript error.
  • 0005867: [Feature] Updated Publisher Revenue Summary Report to include Publisher Channel IDs.
  • 0005868: [Feature] Pass through Destination URL filters 1-3 and region data on non-matched requests.
  • 0005908: [Feature] Add the ability to duplicate an existing campaign.
  • 0005885: [Feature] Add Campaign Pacing option for spanning entire day, or accelerated delivery.
  • 0005900: [Feature] Impression and Click Processing - Improve parallelization of processes.
  • 0005899: [Feature] Added Conversion Log for Admin.
  • 0005898: [Feature] Delivery Feed - Added JSONP Support.

Version 4.0.013-X Internal Update

Version 4.0.012-3 Released 8/26/2011

  • 0005795: [Bug] Installation on PHP 5.3 (ZendGuard) Stalls for Admin Login.
  • 0005791: [Feature] Configuration option to default to automatic funding.
  • 0005790: [Feature] Configuration option to leave funding amount blank.
  • 0005784: [Feature] Restrict Publisher Access When Pending Approval.

Version 4.0.012-2 Released 8/12/2011

  • 0005757: [Bug] Process Manager does not process campaign performance data.

Version 4.0.012-1 Released 8/2/2011

  • 0005734: [Feature] PHP 5.3 Official Support.
  • 0005733: [Feature] Update Click Processor - Use Impression Processor Model.
  • 0005684: [Feature] Make ratio of CPC to Daily Budget configurable if possible.
  • 0005309: [Feature] View Publishers should include the Site URL in the list view.
  • 0005308: [Bug] Daily Performance Report Accuracy.
  • 0005353: [Bug] Low funds notice sent when account is Finance Managed or Check/Certified Funds..
  • 0005518: [Bug] Admin > Publisher Payment Report Zero Result Message Not Clear.
  • 0005707: [Bug] Certain countries cause country selection during campaign creation/modification to work incorrectly.
  • 0004479: [Installer] Check for the existence of Suhosin and provide a Warning.
  • 0005491: [To-Do] The Admin > Publisher Performance Report Cost column not clear.
  • 0005351: [Other] Missing XML parameter definition in XML Guide for the media type.
  • 0003463: [Other] Ad Code Creation does not define the Alternate Ad URL.

Version 4.0.011-1 Internal Update

  • 0005724: [Bug] Clicks not tracking in test build, Suhosin.
  • 0005498: [Bug] PHP 5.3 - New advertiser workflow does not log user in.
  • 0003782: [Other] Use of split() needs to be discontinued and refactored.
  • 0005397: [Other] PHP 5.3 is now supported using Zend Guard Loader - Verify Compatibility with inClick.
  • 0005623: [Bug] PHP 5.3 - Password Reset Does Not Correctly Respond (Pub and Adv).
  • 0005504: [Bug] PHP 5.3 - Admin Confirmation Messages Missing.
  • 0005710: [Other] PHP 5.3 - Deprecated messages, update function usage.
  • 0005619: [Bug] PHP 5.3 - Publisher Integration Tools > Ad Code Examples returns error.
  • 0005501: [Bug] PHP 5.3 - Update Advertiser or Publisher Profile and Change Password Missing Confirmation.
  • 0005502: [Bug] PHP 5.3 - Advertiser Confirmation Messages Missing.

Version 4.0.010-1 Internal Update

This release was not placed into production.

Version 4.0.009-6 Released 5/25/2011

  • 0005612: [Feature] Added 160x400 Ad Panel Size. Text and Photo Text supported.

Version 4.0.009-5 Released 5/10/2011

  • 0005573: [Bug] Firefox 4 Renders Rounded Corners Incorrectly.
  • 0005574: [Bug] DB Table Creation Sometimes Fails with MySQL 5.5.
  • 0005577: [Bug] HTML code inconsistencies in the User Interface.

Version 4.0.009-4 Released 1/21/2011

  • 0002152: [Feature] Admin area - provide an inContext tool where an admin can get stats to a specified URL.
  • 0005369: [Bug] Some deployments were indexing pages, but not storing indexed data for a correct contextual ad match.

Version 4.0.009-3 Released 12/13/2010

  • 0005280: [Bug] Some users of MySQL ~ 5.0.27 may experience no click processing / tracking / capture due to change in MySQL behavior.

Version 4.0.009-2 Released 12/1/2010

  • 0005254: [Bug] Pay Publisher does not function in 4.0.009-1.

Version 4.0.009-1 Released 12/1/2010

  • 0004901: [Feature] Update Advertiser CPC Ads Summary to NOT include the Campaign ID.
  • 0004559: [Feature] Support for AlertPay payment system (Punch-Out).
  • 0004526: [Feature] Image based ads should deliver from static files / CDN Support Added.
  • 0004902: [Feature] Edit Your Campaign view should prefix the Campaign ID with the Account Number.
  • 0004712: [Bug] Updated Geographical Targeting Country List.
  • 0005124: [Bug] When delivering photo text ads, image URLs contain a double slash (//).
  • 0004943: [Bug] Search for Advertiser or Publisher by account ID returns no results.
  • 0004530: [Bug] Entering a daily budget with a third decimal value incorrectly stores the value: 10.001 => 10,001.00.
  • 0004781: [Bug] Update View Publishers status selector text.
  • 0004234: [Bug] API Ad Creation does not include custom filters.

Version 4.0.008-1 Never Released

This version was never released.

  • 0004837: [Feature - Required] API Update: Ability to create a text+image hybrid ad.
  • 0005224: [Other] Update Flexad Ad Code to no longer use "inclick" in its parameter names.
  • 0005044: [Bug] API Campaign Modification: Modifying a campaign via the API with admin approval disabled results in empty status.
  • 0004977: [Bug] Display of certain countries contains extra characters.

Version 4.0.007-3 Released 10/26/2010

  • 0005029: [Bug] Random slow API response times.

Version 4.0.007-2 Released 10/19/2010

  • 0004971: [Feature] Addition of Bank Audi payment gateway.

Version 4.0.007-1 Released 8/12/2010

  • 0004533: [Bug] Large keyword sets (+50k) trigger timeouts for ad creation and updates.
  • 0004546: [Bug] Image based ads trigger high load average.
  • 0004545: [Feature] Ability to define the bid increment on a per channel basis.
  • 0000508: [Beta] Support for CPC and bidding at less than 1 cent.
  • 0004548: [Beta] Keyword and Term replacement in Headline and Ad Description lines.
  • 0004547: [Beta] Keyword and Term replacement in Destination URL.

Version 4.0.006-2 Released 6/28/2010

  • 0004439: [Bug] URL Validation - User Agent contains references to inClick.

Version 4.0.006-1 Released 6/18/2010

  • 0004391: [Bug] Paying Publishers sets the currency to USD and not EUR for users in Currency Beta.
  • 0004412: [Bug] Setting system configuration for Publishers > Site Demographic Info to Optional states its Required.
  • 0004413: [Feature] Add the ability to adjust the cache timeout value.
  • 0004417: [Feature] Ad Delivery : Enable support for multiple cache servers for fail-over and High-Availability scenarios.
  • 0004416: [Feature] Impression Processing: Improve efficiency of impression processing.
  • 0004415: [Feature] Add the ability to segment impression writing and processing across multiple servers.
  • 0004414: [Feature] inContext : Add support for external contextualization/indexers.
  • 0004395: [Feature] Add Payflow Pro (PayPal) payment gateway.

Version 4.0.005-5 Released 4/5/2010

  • 0004274: [Bug] Ad Delivery: Improved efficiency of delivery when using multiple custom filter options.
  • 0004264: [Bug] Cached results for one IP address are shown to other IP addresses bypassing GeoTargeting.
  • 0004273: [Other] JSON ad feed does not include the same dataset as the XML counterpart.
  • 0004233: [Bug] Geotargeting is not part of caching causing incorrectly targeted results to appear.
  • 0004257: [Bug] Campaign State Change Email is sent to system_email and not system_require_admin_email.
  • 0004270: [Bug] Some CSV Reports do not render correctly.

Version 4.0.005-4 Released 2/22/2010

  • 0004180: [Bug] inContext Indexer: Redirects not handled properly.
  • 0004179: [To-Do] inContext Indexer: Stemming does not handle prefix stems for languages like Arabic.
  • 0004178: [Other] Add "Filler URL" to Ad Code Wizard workflow.
  • 0004161: [Feature] Add dynamic custom filter insertion into the destination URL.
  • 0004165: [Bug] Firefox 3.6 renders HTML “fieldsets” incorrectly.
  • 0004164: [Bug] xml_javascript.php ad requester does not represent the ad_count parameter correctly.

Version 4.0.005-3 Released 2/10/2010

  • 0004182: [Feature] inContext Indexer: Ability to specify the percentage of time the top ranked keywords should be used.
  • 0004181: [Feature] inContext Indexer: Ability to increase number of keywords recorded per URL.

Version 4.0.005-2 Released 2/1/2010

  • 0004120: [Feature] Add dynamic keyword insertion into the destination URL.
  • 0004101: [Bug] API: Click Through does not work - getAdvertisements.
  • 0004126: [Feature] Add URL lookup status message for 'index failed' if the last index was unsuccessful.

Version 4.0.005-1 Released 1/18/2010

  • 0004044: [Feature] The ability to insert a third-party conversion tracking code.
  • 0004095: [Feature] Enhance advertisement delivery to utilize a caching mechanism.
  • 0004096: [Feature] Improve processing of queued impressions for deployments with over 20M daily impressions.
  • 0004098: [Feature] Allow inContext to be configured for multiple indexing servers.
  • 0004094: [Feature] Provide a tool to view the status of a URL.
  • 0004050: [Feature] Create the ability to obtain the parent URL when the ad code resides in an IFRAME.
  • 0004058: [Feature] Update the Ads By click through to set a tracking cookie (future referral program) and provide additional page data on landing
  • 0003987: [Feature] Arabic contextual matching support
  • 0004087: [Bug] Server Status report indicates the incorrect Active Campaigns count
  • 0004029: [Bug] Improve use case for Hybrid ads for non-supported sizes
  • 0003986: [Bug] inContext URL prioritization does not consider parent / child relationships for weight
  • 0004049: [Bug] API: clearRegionCodeList does not work.
  • 0004101: [Bug] API: API: Click Through does not work - getAdvertisements.

Version 4.0.004-2 Released 12/30/2009

  • 0003703: [Feature] Arabic indexing support added.

Version 4.0.004-1 Released 11/5/2009

- 0003933: [Bug] Pre-processing of impressions data is not purged. - 0003934: [Bug] Some deployments do not render image ads correctly - improper encoding. - 0003657: [Bug] Captured publisher demographics is not available in the publisher profile view.

Version 4.0.003-1 Released 10/28/2009

  • 0003835: [Feature] API: Added user authentication service request.
  • 0002532: [Feature] Added support for non-standard SMTP ports (SSL).
  • 0002891: [Feature] Ability to modify the outbound email text
  • 0003182: [Feature] Option to utilize GeoIP PECL version if available for efficiency
  • 0003062: [Feature] Publisher Payment step 3 should include address information
  • 0003014: [Other] When uploading image, use the animated "Processing" or moving circles for a visual indication.
  • 0003887: [Bug] Updated inResults class to accommodate updated XML data.
  • 0003848: [Bug] Ad rotation does not remove some ads from service on some deployments.
  • 0003704: [Feature] Enhanced inContext feedback loop to prioritize URLs based qualifiers.
  • 0003841: [Bug] Promotional Bonus of partial dollar amount returns "Invalid value, please enter a number" error.
  • 0003843: [Bug] API: processAdvertiserCreditCardPayment completes payment with invalid promotion code.
  • 0003842: [Bug] API: processAdvertiserCreditCardPayment error "JSON-RPC call failed" with valid promotional code.
  • 0003850: [Bug] API: modifyCampaign() Modification of a campaign without a Campaign ID does not return error.
  • 0003838: [Bug] Password reset workflow throws error if account is not found.
  • 0003839: [Bug] API: Advertisement Request returns zero results (getAdvertisements).
  • 0003889: [Bug] Image upload for new user ad creation does not work on all deployments.
  • 0003859: [Bug] Current header references CSS and JS files that do not exist.
  • 0003824: [Bug] The login error message does not indicate if an account is locked correctly.
  • 0003641: [Bug] Updating or creating a house ad with the use of regions sets the delivery weight to zero(0). Paid ads not effected.
  • 0003777: [Bug] Conversion Code URL does not use the INCLICK_WEB_URL (SSL)
  • 0003701: [Bug] Click Through URL storage truncates long click-through URLs (255 char limit)
  • 0003670: [Bug] CyberSource gateway post does not include the CVV data.
  • 0003754: [Bug] New Advertiser creation does not include custom campaign filters when active.
  • 0003688: [Bug] Review Campaign view w/ image causes campaign view to overlap actions column in narrow screens.

Version 4.0.002-5 Released 9/22/2009

  • 0003752: [Other] Add test to installer to check PHP Version and Zend Version to ensure compatibility.

Version 4.0.002-2 Released 7/29/2009

  • 0003616: [Bug] Some environments will not complete installation past step 2.

Version 4.0.002-1 Released 7/28/2009

  • 0003605: [Bug] sem_url parameter throws error to screen for all requests when set.
  • 0003603: [Feature - Client Requested] Ability to specify custom content block and page templates.
  • 0003575: [Bug] In some deployments, some campaigns are set with a 0.0000 projected yield causing them to rank low.
  • 0003592: [Bug] Update Campaign: Campaign performance not retained.
  • 0003591: [Bug] Campaign Performance: Only updates first 1000 campaigns
  • 0003576: [Bug] Request for 5 ads returns zero results when thousands of matches exist, request for 15 returns 5.
  • 0003586: [Bug] System Keyword Index: When the keyword index generation cron triggers it uses up excessive resources.
  • 0003481: [Other] Click Definition Service Update.
  • 0003568: [Bug] System message "Campaign State Change" indicates ads going in and out of rotation in the same message.
  • 0003578: [Other] High traffic sites can deadlock on the DB, create failover to recover deadlocked transactions.
  • 0003557: [Bug] Advertiser accounts with thousands of campaigns load slowly.
  • 0003531: [Bug] Advertisers with thousands of campaigns cannot log in.
  • 0003545: [Feature] Create memory profiling system for debugging large accounts.
  • 0003564: [Bug] System notice messages for campaign status changes is no longer sent.

Version 4.0.001-3 Released 7/9/2009

  • 0003524: [Bug] FlexTile format does not report impressions.
  • 0003525: [Bug] Indexing large HTML pages fails due to the body tag place "too far" into the document.
  • 0003520: [Bug] Easy Feed display URL HREF property set incorrectly.

Version 4.1.001-1 Released 6/18/2009

  • 0001801: [Feature] Deliver ads based on past performance and bid value. Yield optimization.
  • 0003424: [Feature] Add three additional filter criteria, user configurable and optional.
  • 0003425: [Feature] Add ability to boost specific filter criteria in the delivery ranking.
  • 0001850: [Feature] Option to bypass keyword entry on ad creation.
  • 0003426: [Feature - Required] Integrate CyberSource payment gateway.
  • 0000575: [Refactor] Rewrite Ad / Campaign delivery system for future feature set extension.
  • 0001463: [Refactor] Refactor Campaign Storage Mechanism for future feature set extension.
  • 0002851: [Other] Click Log does not indicate the impression IP.
  • 0003262: [Other] Installer does not provide enough detail for "Unable to Open XML" failure.
  • 0002123: [Other] Keyword report does not identify negative keywords.
  • 0002570: [Other] Payment Page: A pop-up alert or similar should be shown when Automatic Funding is selected AND a promotion code is entered.
  • 0003261: [Bug] PayPal punch-out method does not set "return" parameter.
  • 0003388: [Bug] Region Targeting is not available in the IAB codes.

Version 3.2.003-4 Released 12/29/2008

  • 0001808: [Feature] Conversion Tracking added.
  • 0002445: [Investigate] Statistics process manager fails to complete publisher updates step with large data set.
  • 0003058: [Bug] Rail for Search does not render in IE.
  • 0003026: [Bug] Easy Feed does not render in IE.
  • 0003004: [Bug] Easyfeed does not permit a different target for the ad click.

Version 3.2.002-2 Released 10/10/2008

  • 0002941: [Bug] Rendering issue in IE during new advertiser signup process.
  • 0002935: [Bug] Page rendered incorrectly on Costs and Budget step for NEW accounts.
  • 0002923: [Bug] Unended href in Publisher Menu when XML disabled.

Version 3.2.002-1 Released 10/3/2008

  • 0002902: [Other] Server Status report should indicate if the cron job is not running
  • 0002893: [Other] When an advertiser edits a campaign, the Review Selections should include the Back and Save buttons on top
  • 0002773: [Bug] Review Campaigns displays expired ads as Active
  • 0002894: [Other] Clarification text for the last step of ad code creation
  • 0002487: [Administrator Panel] Publisher Report should highlight accounts that have met the payment threshold.
  • 0002859: [Bug] Typo on Step 6 of Installer
  • 0002355: [Feature - Would be Nice] Format IAB stacked codes (cubes, towers) to center ad when only 1 ad is shown.
  • 0002889: [Feature - Client Requested] Ad Summary Report utilizes hardcoded row colors, should use CSS
  • 0002886: [Feature - Client Requested] IAB Ad Code Size of 234x60
  • 0002867: [Bug] Advertiser email links to the default login page and should like to the ad server root
  • 0002860: [Bug] Invalid channel causes inContext to spin out of control
  • 0002853: [Feature - Client Requested] Allow different number formatting options
  • 0002840: [Other] Publisher ad code generation workflow displays one channel when publisher channels available - should be hidden
  • 0002790: [Feature - Client Requested] Allow a previous date for manual transactions.
  • 0002850: [Feature - Would be Nice] Ability for the network operator to set the default colors for Ad Code Generation
  • 0002835: [Feature - Would be Nice] Ability for system owner to change the default setting of the Ads By link
  • 0002824: [Feature - Client Requested] Monthly Campaign Budget
  • 0002825: [Feature - Client Requested] Add report extender functionality to the advertiser daily report
  • 0002833: [Feature - Client Requested] Add 120x240 Vertical creative
  • 0002145: [Other] Admin Report - Channel Performance Report - display performance per channel in one view by date range.
  • 0002190: [Feature - Would be Nice] Ability to select what channels are available to the publisher.
  • 0002698: [Feature - Missing] CSV of Publisher Billing Report is needs a Publisher ID column, Transaction ID is blank
  • 0002552: [Bug] Server Status email is sent as a one-line document (view source)
  • 0002795: [Bug] Easy Feed does not render UTF-8 correctly.
  • 0002340: [Feature - Would be Nice] Add CSS values to Easy Feed
  • 0002785: [Bug] View of "Inactive" publisher Publisher Perf. Report link does not show activity
  • 0002762: [Bug] Suggested CPC CSS issue with modified background color
  • 0002760: [Bug] The login_base_url parameter does not set for the lost password workflow
  • 0002747: [Feature - Client Requested] Update Lost Password Text
  • 0002733: [Feature - Client Requested] Update IAB codes such that the Title is underlined (best practice)

Version 3.2.001-5 Released 7/22/2008

  • 0002655: [Bug] Sum amount during publisher payment process Step 1 and 2 are not displayed accurate.
  • 0002652: [Bug] Debits / Credits posted to publisher accounts are marked as completed and not posted.
  • 0002573: [Feature - Would be Nice] Sorting list of promotions by expiration.
  • 0002664: [Feature - Client Requested] Channel description is limited to 100 characters, should be longer.
  • 0002654: [Bug] System setting of Fixed CPC does not change the text on the bid page of ad creation.

Version 3.2.001-4 Released 7/8/2008

  • 0002149: [To-Do] Some deployments are unable to update .inclick_status file - fix automatically.
  • 0002533: [Other] inContext sometimes does not have permission to write its index files.
  • 0002596: [Feature - Missing] PayPal payment button for publisher payments is missing.
  • 0002619: [Bug] Publishers PayPal address is missing from the profile.
  • 0002083: [To-Do] Some servers are missing the /data/generated directory without notice.
  • 0002454: [Bug] Foreign keywords cannot retrieve ads (UTF-8)

Version 3.2.001-2 Released 6/26/2008

  • 0000930: [Feature] Coupon Codes / Promotions
  • 0002574: [Administrator Panel] Improve the publisher payment workflow
  • 0002560: [Other] Deployments that have Apache mod_security enabled experience issues with ad delivery
  • 0002450: [Other] Lost Password with an invalid email address does not give any indication to the end user.
  • 0000702: [To-Do] Remove unused files
  • 0001113: [Administrator Panel] Admin able to credit advertiser account with less than 1 cent.
  • 0001793: [Refactor] Refactor the Administrator Interface to use Content Blocks
  • 0000911: [Installer] Refactor: Improve the Installer UI
  • 0001794: [Refactor] Refactor Externally Facing Pages to use Content Blocks
  • 0001806: [To-Do] Removal of files no longer in use by the ad server.
  • 0001502: [Administrator Panel] Extend Daily Peformance Report with extra filter - by publisher
  • 0002125: [To-Do] Right justify currency / statistic fields in reports
  • 0002543: [Bug] Approving publisher should set the rate to the system default setting.
  • 0002475: [Administrator Panel] Review Campaigns list does not filter out ads from suspended advertisers
  • 0002522: [Other] Password change does not send email notice
  • 0002459: [Administrator Panel] Add a check on admin login (and possibly Server Status) that checks the permission of the controller file.
  • 0002520: [Installer] Installer should check if MySQL libraries are installed.
  • 0002514: [Bug] Configuration of Description with an odd value (35) causes the ad creation character count to show x.5 chars left.
  • 0002476: [Bug] Setting filter on Review Campaigns causes form POST warnings from browser on refresh
  • 0002301: [Administrator Panel] Admin Publisher Performance Report: CSV not generated when a channel is selected
  • 0002482: [Other] Remove AP and EU from Country Management - not used in Country Based Targeting
  • 0002473: [Bug] CSS formatting issue for Advertiser / Publisher Account Detail with Internet Explorer
  • 0002479: [Administrator Panel] Search for Publisher using domain name does not match on the Site URL
  • 0002405: [Bug] Rendering of some reports displays "broken" tables (FireFox Bug).
  • 0002435: [Feature - Missing] When configured to not accept publishers, the system should not allow publisher account creation
  • 0002455: [Bug] Rendering UTF-8 characters in non-IAB ad codes displays incorrect text in IE, ok in FF.

Version 3.1.018-3 Released 5/5/2008

  • 0002358: [Administrator Panel] Allow configurable option to permit IAB panels to open _blank.
  • 0002356: [Feature - Would be Nice] Format IAB Banner and Leaderboard to center ad when only 1 ad is shown..
  • 0002399: [Bug] Ability for user to view other users advertisement (non-editing).
  • 0002353: [Bug] SEM URL parameter for IAB ad codes is not being utilized.
  • 0002354: [Administrator Panel] IAB Ad Panels "blink" on delivery.

Version 3.1.018-2 Released 4/2/2008

  • 0002305: [Bug] Custom login parameter from the custom login process link to create an ad does not change Existing Users link.
  • 0002016: [Bug] Publisher Channel - URL based channel does not track impressions or clicks.

Version 3.1.018-1 Released 3/25/2008

  • 0002275: [Bug] Click Log Report: Browser data not populated
  • 0002185: [To-Do] inContext leaves a signature of inClick and should leave a signature of the deployment.
  • 0002274: [Administrator Panel] Add the ability to filter the daily report by advertiser and/or publisher IDs.
  • 0002273: [Administrator Panel] Add a Publisher Performance Report like the existing Advertiser Performance Report
  • 0002272: [Impression Processing] Impression validation with CDS necessary
  • 0002210: [To-Do] Remove the admin setting for URL Passed and Failed for PayPay payments
  • 0002189: [Click Processing] Update click rules for additional invalid click detection.
  • 0002208: [Bug] Possible SQL issue for background process manager with URL Processing of URL's with apostrophe
  • 0002252: [Bug] Easy Feed and Rail do not utilize the correct URL location (nonssl_url)
  • 0002163: [Bug] Publisher Performance Report: CTR% not set correctly
  • 0002147: [Bug] View Suggested Bid returns error when visited from summary.
  • 0002122: [Other] Add notice to report stating reports are delayed
  • 0002018: [Bug] Update Revenue Summary > Publisher Channel Data report with CPM data
  • 0002124: [Bug] XML Guide clarification as to users account number
  • 0002118: [Bug] Impression/Click counts on the Publisher Revenue report are not being formatted correctly
  • 0002115: [Bug] Account Transaction Report Total Line Incorrect
  • 0001571: [Bug] Editing Admin Hold ads does not change status.
  • 0002105: [Advertiser Panel] Negative match: Should trim space(s) between the dash and keywords
  • 0002106: [Administrator Panel] Revenue Summary Report - CSV version shows Impr. instead of Impression
  • 0002107: [Administrator Panel] View recommended CPC - Failed to find the campaign in the session
  • 0002108: [Advertiser Panel] Sponsored Link Summary - Campaign name link has wrong navigation
  • 0002109: [Other] User account is locked after forgot username/password work flow
  • 0002101: [Bug] URL Contextualizer does not prioritize URLs to process
  • 0002100: [Bug] CSV Reports with Unicode characters are handled incorrectly
  • 0002098: [Bug] inResults Class Does Not Obey Offset

Version 3.1.017-1

  • 0002059: [Administrator Panel] Add an account notes field in admin area
  • 0002050: [Bug] New advertiser can select a rebill amount below the standard minimum amount.
  • 0002049: [Administrator Panel] Publisher creation UI does not display Wire Transfer / Other as available option.
  • 0002005: [Other] Add globals_custom parameter to limit inContext indexer batch size.
  • 0002042: [Bug] Missing Description Line 2 during ad creation returns error when it is not required.
  • 0000849: [Feature - Would be Nice] New ad creation - Have default selected channels
  • 0002038: [Feature - Client Requested] Addition of Publisher Channels
  • 0002039: [To-Do] Indexing of high-traffic networks takes a long time. Threading needed.
  • 0002040: [Other] inContext matching algorithm changes
  • 0002034: [Feature - Would be Nice] Include current time on the Background Process Status screen
  • 0002030: [Feature - Would be Nice] Ability to set the search GET parameter in IAB codes
  • 0001908: [Feature - Required] Channel Configuration - Visibility control
  • 0002057: [Bug] Password reset workflow does not require user to change password on reset.
  • 0002058: [Bug] Publisher or Advertiser unable to change a reset password
  • 0002035: [Bug] IAB ad codes truncate UTF8 characters
  • 0002022: [Bug] Payment workflow with PayPal is incorrect and confusing
  • 0002019: [Bug] Suggested CPC suggesting CPC's that are too high during ad creation

Version 3.1.016-2 Released 12/10/2007

  • 0001882: [Administrator Panel] Ad example runs off end of field for long text
  • 0001881: [Bug] Ad example cuts off characters.
  • 0000959: [Administrator Panel] Admin Notification Email Address entered does not get correct notices
  • 0001003: [Other] Captcha use without Freetype or bypass
  • 0001818: [Bug] BUG: Issue with Report Generation when using Rollup Tables - Incorrect query date range
  • 0001869: [Publisher Panel] Publisher account creation requires a company name. Should be optional.
  • 0001138: [Feature - Would be Nice] Ability to use Wildcard in the IP address search for the click-log report
  • 0001849: [Advertiser Panel] Error in ad creation, apostrophe counted as more than one character
  • 0001883: [Advertiser Panel] Special character handling during ad creation.
  • 0001874: [To-Do] Improve publisher "Getting Started" text
  • 0001821: [Bug] Creating new channel with an apostrophe in the description does not save entry
  • 0001707: [To-Do] Update Advertiser Welcome Screen
  • 0000915: [Administrator Panel] Reversing Charges on Advertiser w/ Autofunding enabled re-bills account.
  • 0001458: [To-Do] Add a page that displays the ad code when rendered, size example.
  • 0001803: [Administrator Panel] Storage of provided term matched for the click.
  • 0001800: [Feature - Would be Nice] Add ability to enable / disable inContext for Flex Tile and Easy Feed
  • 0001811: [Publisher Panel] Generating ad code does not populate the server_ad_channel variable
  • 0001804: [Discussion Required] Broad Match method improvement. User configurable % of match, bi-directional.
  • 0000715: [To-Do] Do not bill clicks from suspended / declined publishers
  • 0001659: [Click Processing] Click Fraud : Update duplicate click hash rule to allow the first click to be valid
  • 0001459: [Administrator Panel] PHP safe_mode Testing at installation
  • 0001299: [Feature - Would be Nice] Foreign Character Support - Ad Codes and Ad Creation
  • 0001443: [Publisher Panel] Publisher profile update
  • 0001762: [Administrator Panel] Firefox issue when using two browser windows.
  • 0001792: [Refactor] Refactor the Publisher Interface to use Content Blocks
  • 0001791: [Refactor] Refactor the Advertiser Interface to use Content Blocks
  • 0001267: [Administrator Panel] CSS the navigation menu
  • 0001736: [Bug] IE Javascript Error on Keywords step when Keywords are required
  • 0001873: [Bug Report - General] Reporting Error - Campaing Report Date Range produces incorrect values.
  • 0001871: [Bug] Missing country flags for some countries for the country selection step.
  • 0001569: [To-Do] User Agent truncated on reports
  • 0001651: [Bug] Ad Example in ad creation wraps incorrectly.

Version 3.1.015-4 Released 11/13/2007

  • 0001797: [Bug] Some deployments not obeying Geographical Targeting filter. Non-Billed click.

Version 3.1.015-3 Released 10/9/2007

  • 0001666: [Bug] Updating the email address on an account modifies the email address.
  • 0001667: [Other] Logging ad request error should include publisher ID.

Version 3.1.015-2 Released 10/8/2007

  • 0001656: [Feature - Client Requested] Foreign character support during ad creation process
  • 0001536: [Bug] Automatic Billing option displays as available for PayPal standard payments - only gateway allows for Automatic Billing
  • 0001368: [Administrator Panel] Slow reporting with large datasets (+2M impressions/day over six months)
  • 0001556: [Feature - Client Requested] Ad comment header and footer to generated ad code.
  • 0001534: [Bug] Disabled credit card payment types appear on add funds page (gateway mode)
  • 0001594: [Bug] inContext spawns multiple processes on busy sites stalling the web server.
  • 0001140: [Feature - Would be Nice] Add a session variable for network operator to know if user is logged in and type of login made.
  • 0001630: [Feature - Missing] Check for Register Globals looks to be missing on the installer
  • 0001597: [Bug] Negative keywords not working
  • 0001580: [Bug] Email to new advertisers and publishres has typo - missing apostrophe's
  • 0001586: [Publisher Panel] Generation of IAB ad codes hint's to inClick as producer of code.
  • 0001577: [Bug] IP Address for IAB Panels may not pass user IP correctly
  • 0001566: [Bug] API: IMG_UserManagerClient::updatePublisher mishandles the password field
  • 0001565: [Bug] API: The IMG_UserManagerClient::getPublisher method does not populate the email address field
  • 0001563: [Bug] Gateway Type Toggle Not Obeyed
  • 0001403: [Update] Deliver of single ad has CPC of system or channel minimum, not proxy to network.
  • 0001525: [Advertiser Panel] Selecting All Countries for Geotargetting is not clear to what countries.
  • 0001519: [Administrator Panel] Failed installer routine with certain PHP configurations
  • 0001530: [Other] Add ability to use SMTP for outbound emails
  • 0000744: [Advertiser Panel] Automatic Billing checked should not charge on submit.
  • 0000822: [Installation Instructions (Enterprise)] Permissions issue with license file after upgrade
  • 0001199: [Feature - Would be Nice] Detection of click fraud - anon. proxy (cheryl)
  • 0000747: [Publisher Panel] Make Captcha Colors Configurable
  • 0000749: [Administrator Panel] When downloading CSV Advertiser Performance Report, Include Email
  • 0001235: [Feature - Would be Nice] Publisher view in admin mode - update if W9 is on file.
  • 0001498: [Other] Auto-detect if cURL is available for CC processing
  • 0000579: [To-Do] Confirmation of form action
  • 0001476: [Installer] Converting 2.x server fails
  • 0001439: [Bug] General Settings option "Require Hold of New/Edited Ads" does not work
  • 0001461: [Refactor] Refactor Campaign Management UI
  • 0001464: [Refactor] Refactor Suggested CPC
  • 0001462: [Refactor] Refactor Signup UI for Advertisers and Publishers
  • 0001268: [Advertiser Panel] Advertiser View Ad does not show channels selected.
  • 0001325: [Other] Setting ads to go live immediately does not work.
  • 0000983: [Administrator Panel] Report - Server Status : Active Advertiser Count Incorrect
  • 0001423: [Bug] Expiration date for campaign setting says ad is expired on ending date
  • 0001127: [Advertiser Panel] Customer Suggestion - Choosing Country While Creating a New Ad
  • 0001236: [Feature - Would be Nice] Make channel selection an onclick event in Keywords and Phrases step
  • 0001457: [Administrator Panel] Typo in XML Feed instruction page (admin)

Version 3.1.014-7 Released 8/14/2007

  • 0001398: [Bug] Bid step with error returns user to Keyword Step

Version 3.1.014-6 Released 8/9/2007

  • 0001399: [Feature - Would be Nice] Make IAB Ad codes interact to offset number of ads.

Version 3.1.014-5 Released 7/29/2007

  • 0001003: [Other] Captcha use without Freetype or bypass
  • 0001367: [Bug] Delivering certain ad panels in IE renders incorrectly.
  • 0001366: [Bug] IAB Ad Panel "Ads By" text not using correct colors

Version 3.1.014-3 Released 7/27/2007

  • 0001358: [Publisher Panel] JS Error for new publisher account creation
  • 0001359: [Installer] Installer fails when a password contains $

Version 3.1.014-2 Released 7/27/2007

  • 0001354: [Bug] Emails are duplicated to admin and/or user
  • 0001351: [Administrator Panel] System Setup / Advertiser Settings / Require Keywords setting not obeyed
  • 0001349: [Advertiser Panel] Account Creation rule of username 3 or more chacters is not obeyed.
  • 0001233: [Feature - Would be Nice] Add ability to disable the Destination URL validation

Version 3.1.014-1 Released 7/25/2007

  • 0001165: [Administrator Panel] Approving Publishers With Notice Fails
  • 0001333: [Advertiser Panel] [Production] - URLs with spaces as a destination URL fail
  • 0001217: [To-Do] Update inContext word cloud methods - improve efficeincy
  • 0000694: [Feature - Missing] inContext Reimplementation
  • 0000699: [Administrator Panel] inContext Reimplementation Part 1 - URL
  • 0000700: [Feature - Missing] inContext Reimplementation Part 2 - Page Parse
  • 0001317: [Administrator Panel] Improve Channel Management - Allow sorting
  • 0001260: [Advertiser Panel] During ad creation, sort channels in alpha order
  • 0001315: [Administrator Panel] Provide a method to sort Channels on display to the end user
  • 0001218: [Feature - Would be Nice] IAB Ads - Allow alternate URL for no available ad event.
  • 0001307: [Installer] Improve installer messaging for failed tests.
  • 0001292: [Publisher Panel] Ad codes need to be udpated for inContext
  • 0001291: [Advertiser Panel] Advertiser cycles from CPC page to Keywords when Daily Budget is too low
  • 0001266: [Other] Loading lost password page should put cursor focus on email
  • 0001264: [Other] Loading default login page should put cursor focus on username
  • 0001265: [Administrator Panel] Improve Click Log - Add country flag to HTML display
  • 0001263: [To-Do] Improve error handling message display for login screen.
  • 0000776: [Publisher Panel] Publisher accounting transactions such as manual credit/debit and publisher payment creation need to be refactored
  • 0001243: [Administrator Panel] Publisher Transaction History - Transaction type options not matching with admin entered transactions.
  • 0001201: [Click Processing] DB Schema for _temp tables may not work for all systems - double
  • 0001239: [Feature - Would be Nice] Email system admin the Server Status page on a schedule.
  • 0001204: [Bug] Advertiser can start an ad that is in an admin review state..
  • 0001178: [Other] Update workflow around custom login page
  • 0001164: [Administrator Panel] Approving Ads With Notice Fails
  • 0001232: [Administrator Panel] Not selecting a channel causes the browser to redirect endlessly.
  • 0001212: [To-Do] XML parameter "sem_url" issues with "&" symbol - clarification of use.
  • 0000801: [Advertiser Panel] Keyword verification of mutliple words separated by comma
  • 0001176: [Documentation] Add a "Performance Enhancements" section to documentation.
  • 0001166: [Administrator Panel] Unable to suspend advertisers

Version 3.1.013-3 Released 7/12/2007

  • 0001319: [Advertiser Panel] Posting a CC payment that fails displays debug information

Version 3.1.013-2 Released 6/5/2007

  • 0000472: [To-Do] Capture information regarding the Click
  • 0001157: [Administrator Panel] Add check for register_globals and magic_quotes_gpc on admin login
  • 0001167: [Administrator Panel] Unable to change the character length of the display URL
  • 0001154: [Bug] .htaccess files not behaving as expected

Version 3.1.013-1 Released 6/4/2007

  • 0001149: [Other] Updated GeoIP Database (June 1)
  • 0001139: [To-Do] Remove the index.php file from the upgrade package.
  • 0001136: [Administrator Panel] Admin link to "Take Credit Card Payment" invalid
  • 0001106: [Installer] Update Contact Data on errors / warnings
  • 0001134: [Bug] Certain Destination URLs report as unavailable when available
  • 0000456: [Feature - Would be Nice] Use Paypal Gateway
  • 0001118: [Other] index.html in root causes issues
  • 0001129: [Other] Customer Suggestion - Display inClick Version in Admin Area
  • 0001124: [Installer] Step 2 of installation process not clear regarding Client ID
  • 0001119: [Publisher Panel] Earning Rate displayed when it should be hidden
  • 0000941: [Administrator Panel] Add Click Log Download
  • 0001036: [Feature - Missing] Region Support Missing from Ad Code Wizard Feeds
  • 0001114: [Installer] The Installer does not check if Heap tables are supported preventing ad delivery on 3.23 MySQL instances
  • 0001027: [Bug] Consecutive Ads Setting Not Obeyed - Possible Expansion of Feature
  • 0001105: [Installer] Clarify New Installation Text on Step 2 - Log Permissions Check
  • 0000751: [To-Do] Click Tracking of both Reported Referrer and Captured referrer

Version 3.1.012-5

  • 0001084: [Bug] Ad Creation Keyword entries accepts extra newlines causing issues.

Version 3.1.012-4

  • 0001068: [Installer] Slashes on some PHP Configs cause issues, magic_quotes_gpc set to on
  • 0001070: [Bug] Rail HTML code fragment has two "var server_ad_offset" settings, should be just one
  • 0001074: [Administrator Panel] Easyfeed changes the '&' to '&' in title
  • 0001072: [Administrator Panel] Flex-tile and rail feeds do not display any when keyword provided

Version 3.1.012-3

  • 0000591: [Bug] Ad Codes except XML do not support regions
  • 0001057: [Advertiser Panel] Remove duplicate provided keywords
  • 0000801: [Advertiser Panel] Keyword verification of multiple words separated by comma
  • 0001039: [Advertiser Panel] Error when selecting Country settings
  • 0001058: [Feature - Would be Nice] Viewing keywords during ad creation / edit process should be alphabetical.
  • 0001037: [Bug] Easy Feed Does Not Obey Offset
  • 0001035: [Bug] You do not have GeoIP data installed message confusing
  • 0001036: [Feature - Missing] Region Support Missing from Ad Code Wizard Feeds
  • 0001038: [To-Do] Update Rail for Search, Flex Tile, and Easy Feed
  • 0001056: [To-Do] Update Easy Feed to use Class method w/ region support
  • 0001054: [To-Do] Update Rail for Search to use Class method w/ region support
  • 0001055: [To-Do] Update Flex Tile to use class method w/ region support
  • 0001051: [Bug] Rail for search link "Advertise Here" does not follow correct destination URL.
  • 0001053: [Bug] XML Request does not obey limited parameter.

Version 3.1.012-2

  • 0001050: [Bug] Unable to process credit card transactions
  • 0001041: [Feature - Missing] Region Support Missing from Ad Code Wizard Feeds - Flex Tile

Version 3.1.012-1

Official Release of inClick3

  • 0000419: [Feature - Missing] 2CheckOut Payment Method Missing
  • 0000984: [Other] One Line Description Does Not Work
  • 0001032: [Administrator Panel] View Recommended CPC link is placed incorrectly.
  • 0001016: [Administrator Panel] Fixed CPC non functional
  • 0001018: [Bug] Unable to set PayPal or Other for Accepted Publisher Payment Methods
  • 0000798: [Bug] Locking account after 10 tries, process confusing.
  • 0000690: [Feature - Required] No limit to number of failed login attempts
  • 0001013: [Bug] Conversion for 2.x series not working correctly (too many rows entered)

Version 3.1.011-3

inClick3, Release Candidate 3

  • 0000985: [Administrator Panel] Redirect client_signup.php to index_client.php
  • 0000823: [Other] GeoIP Information Status - Add to Server Status
  • 0000949: [Bug] Admin Server Status Report indicates incorrect Pending Review count
  • 0000959: [Administrator Panel] Admin Notification Email Address entered does not get correct notices
  • 0000953: [Installer] Default System Setup Settings > Character Limits Defaults
  • 0000961: [Other] Ad Click on IAB Panels should open in _top
  • 0000885: [Administrator Panel] Banner Ad "Ads By" link opens inside its iframe.

Version 3.1.011-1

inClick3, Release Candidate 1

  • 0000933: [Bug] Rank of ads rendered not correct based on CPC
  • 0000900: [Administrator Panel] Ad Rendering Issue
  • 0000906: [Bug] IAB Standard Sizes Ad Rendering Issue - Change Method
  • 0000936: [Other] Change System Logo