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The View Advertisers section is where you can view and search for specific advertisers within your deployment. Using the Advertiser Search field, you can locate advertisers by First Name, Last Name, email address, Account ID, or Account Username. inClick-Ad-Server-Screenshot-0109.jpg

From this view, you can view an advertiser profile by clicking on the ID or Name for the record you wish to view. Additionally, a drop-down of common actions are available.

Advertiser Account Detail


This screen provides information about the selected advertiser. Information includes summary information, contact information, and any comments you may have added to the account.

  • Account Summary
    • Account Number - The advertisers account number. Adjacent to the account number is a quick access link that will log you into the users account in Administrator Mode.
      NOTICE: When you are logged into an advertiser account in Administrator mode, the behavior of the account is different than if you were to have logged into the account as the user. For example, hidden channels will be exposed during the ad edit and creation process in Administrator Mode.
    • Username - The login ID for the account.
    • Account Status - The current status of the account.
    • Account Classification - This setting identifies the account as one of the following:
      • Standard Pre-Paid - This is the default status of new accounts. In this classification, the system will send emails for both low funding and no funding thresholds.
      • Check / Certified Funds - Set the user to this classification if the user will be paying you with a check, money order, or by certified funds (IE: Wire). When in this classification, the account behavior will be the same as Standard Pre-Paid.
      • Finance Managed - Set the user to this classification if you are extending terms to this user. When set, the system will no longer send low and now funding reminder messages.
    • Auto Funding - This is the status of Automatic Funding for the account. This will display the value of the Automatic Funding amount if the feature is active for the users account. Otherwise, "Manual" will appear.
    • Campaign Status - This shows you how many campaigns are currently active for the account as well as the total number of campaigns in the account.
  • Contact Information - This section displays the contact information provided by the user.
  • Comments - Visible only in this screen, this section allows you to provide comments and notes on the account. We recommend each new entry entered into this field start with a date for easy reference in the future.
  • Account Reports
    • Performance Summary - View the Performance Summary report filtered to this advertisers account.
    • Daily Performance - View the Daily Performance report filtered to this advertisers account.
    • View Billing Activiaty - View the Advertiser Billing report filtered to this advertisers account.
  • Account Actions
    • Review Campaigns - A list of campaigns for this advertiser.
    • Suspend Account - This will take all advertisements from this account out-of-service as well as prevent the user from logging in. You will still be able to log into this account under the Administrator Login view.
    • Credit Account - You can credit (add funds) an advertisers account from this link.
    • Debit Account - You can debit (remove funds) from the advertisers account from this link.
    • Take a Credit Card Payment - If configured, you can take a credit card payment from this link. This is typically used for phone-in use cases.