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The View Publishers section is where you can search and view for specific publishers within your ad server deployment. Using the Publisher Search field, you can locate publishers by First Name, Last Name, email address, Account ID, or Account Username. inClick-Ad-Server-Screenshot-0122.jpg

From this view, you can view the publisher profile by clicking on the ID or Name for the record you wish to view. A drop-down of common actions is also available.

Publisher Account Detail


This screen provides information about the selected publisher. Information includes summary information, contact information, account comments, current balance, and more.

  • Account Summary
    • Account Number - The advertisers account number. Adjacent to the account number is a quick access link that will log you into the users account in Administrator Mode.
      TIP: When you are logged into a publishers account in Administrator mode, the behavior of the account is different than if you were to have logged into the account as the user. For example, hidden channels will be exposed during the ad code creation process in Administrator Mode.
    • Username - The login ID for the account.
    • Account Status - The current status of the account.
      TIP: The account status for approved accounts with a balance under $1.00 is "Active (Low Volume)" until the account has at least a 1.00 balance. Once an account has a balance of 1.00 or more, the account status changes to "Active".
    • Balance - The publishers current balance.
    • Commission Rate - This is the current commission rate the publisher earns for each billable action. Changes made to the Commission Rate take effect as of the time of change, previous activity is not adjusted.
    • Click Gateway - Part of our traffic authentication processes:
      • Automatic - Based on the behavior of the click will determine if additional tests are needed.
      • Random-Frequent - Traffic is randomly audited often.
      • Random-Infrequent - Traffic is randomly audited less often.
      • Always On - All traffic is audited.
      • Disabled - No in-depth testing is to be performed on the click.
        NOTICE: The Click Gateway is one part of an exclusive multi-part click validation process employed by the inClick Ad Server. The audit process is transparent to all users.
    • W9 Status - For US publishers, a form W9 or similar is required for publishers that have earned a pre-defined amount as set by the Internal Revenue Service.
    • Payment Type: The method in which the publisher has requested to be paid.
      WARNING: When a user has selected PayPal as their Payment Type, you are provided a link to PayPal to process the payment. Payments are not automatically updated with the account - YOU MUST UPDATE THE ACCOUNT MANUALLY FOR PAYPAL PAYMENTS!
    • Paypal Email: If provided, this is the PayPal email address for Paypal based payment types.
  • Contact Information - This section displays the contact information provided by the user.
  • Site Information - This section displays the web site information provided by the publisher when they created their account.
  • Comments - Visible only in this screen, this section allows you to provide comments and notes on the account. We recommend each new entry entered into this field start with a date for easy reference in the future.
  • Account Reports
    • Click Log - The Click Log report filtered to the current publisher.
    • Daily Performance - The Daily Performance report filtered to the current publisher.
    • Performance Summary - The Publisher Performance report filtered to the current publisher.
    • View Billing Activity - The Publisher Billing report filtered to the current publisher.
  • Account Actions
    • Suspend Account - When a publisher account is suspended, all earnings and traffic from the time the account was suspended is considered invalid and will not be billed to advertisers. This status will also prevent the user from logging in to their account.
    • Credit Account - You can credit (add funds) the publishers account from this link.
    • Debit Account - You can debit (remove funds) from the publishers account from this link.
    • Pay Publisher - This will begin the Pay Publisher process.