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=inClick Ad Server Official Product Documentation= 
Here you will find information on [[General:Installation|installation]], administration, [[General:Configuration|configuration options]], and How-To's for the inClick Ad Server.

==About the Platform==
The inClick Ad Server is a self-service ad management platform that optimizes the retrieval of advertising based on a number of filter criteria, delivering qualified results based on an adjusted proxy-bid auction model. While many platforms use the common model of ranking results based strictly on the bid value, the inClick Ad Server optimizes costs and placement (rank) by considering much more than just the bid value.

Using a proprietary algorithm, our Yield Optimized Delivery Engine considers factors such as keyword match type, region target match, geographical targeting, historical performance, and a number of additional factors for both positioning in the request (rank) in addition to the actual cost to the advertiser (adjusted bid).

If you have any questions regarding the inClick Ad Server, our Yield Optimized Delivery Engine, or any of our advanced features, please do not hesitate to ask.

==Getting Help and Support==
Every current inClick Ad Server account is entitled to courtesy support. To obtain support, you can use any of the following methods:
* '''Frequently Asked Questions''' – Your first source for answers is our Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ system contains many of the most frequent issues we see. It is strong recommended that you review the Frequently Asked Questions first before requesting support.
* '''Online Documentation''' – We strongly recommend you review the Online Documentation.
* '''Support Ticket''' – This is our preferred method of requesting support. By opening a support ticket, we will be able to track reports and provide a clear, concise, response. New tickets are assigned within one business day, however, are typically responded to within an hour.
The following support options are also available for inClick Standard and Enterprise License.  We do, however, require a Support Ticket be opened BEFORE using either of the following options:
* '''Online Chat''' – Our support staff is available from 9AM to 5PM Eastern, Monday through Friday, for live online chat via our web site. To access a support representative, simply log into your account and go to the Client Support tab and select Live Chat.
* '''Phone Support''' – Limited support by phone is also provided to inClick Lite and Standard users.  Please be sure to open a support ticket before calling. Hours for phone support are form 9AM to 5PM Eastern, Monday through Friday.
==Two Usage Types==

There are two primary ways of using the inClick Ad Server: as it comes off-the-shelf and as a foundation.

===The Off-The-Shelf Approach===
This is the most common use of the inClick Ad Server because of its simplicity.  In this use-case, you simply use the product as you see it manipulating the configuration settings to customize how the system functions.  Modifications to the User Interface (UI) is minimal, and access to data is restricted to what is shown within the UI.

===The Foundation Approach===

This approach extend on the inClick Ad Server foundation.  From adding features, to connecting the inClick Ad Server to third part services, this approach gives the network owner the most flexibility.  To summarize you can build out your own &quot;ad system&quot; interface since all the heavy work of reporting, accounting, maintaining data integrity and security are taken care of.

Through the inClick Ad Server API, you are able to perform all tasks found in the standard User Interface.  From account creation, to generating report data, all functionality exists in the API.  Additionally, the API provides for functionality not typically found in the standard User Interface.

From creating your own User Interface, to adding a small feature, the inClick Ad Server architecture is built with you in mind.
Consult the [ User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.

== Getting started ==
* [ Configuration settings list]
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]