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Installation and Deployment Guide

As of January 1st, 2015, the inClick Download Lite (Free) and inClick Download Standard products were discontinued. Installation of inClick Download Lite or inClick Download Standard is no longer available.

Why did you discontinue inClick Download?

inClick Download Lite and inClick Download Standard has been discontinued in favor of our hosted service, inClick Cloud. The decision to stop the download version was made for many reasons. One key reason was to remove the support overhead needed to maintain a near-infinite number of web server configurations. What we have observed is many potential users would attempt to install the inClick Ad Server with cheap and budget oriented hosting providers that constantly change their environment. In some cases, the installation would work, in other cases, we would have to provide extended assistance to configure the environment as needed (something the hosting provider support staff should have been able to do, but didn't know how to do it). Worse, users would get things going to later have things unexpectedly stop working due to an unknown change to the environment - ether made by the hosting provider or by the user. By providing inClick Cloud as the only option, we are able to ensure the environment complies with our requirements since we control the environment directly.

Another key reason for stopping the download product is due to the dependencies we have added, and will be adding, to support advanced methods and technologies (think big data processing models). These dependencies are simply not available on shared hosting environments and difficult for many self-managed dedicated server users to maintain and keep updated.

The bottom line is this: we ended inClick Download Lite and Download Standard to focus on improving the product instead of debugging client environments and testing on dozens of different web server configurations. When we reviewed our support logs, we found that over 90% of the support requests we received are due to environmental issues, missing system requirements, and errors made by users during the upgrade process.

With inClick Cloud, upgrades are automatic. We manage, maintain, and optimize the infrastructure for the ad server, and ONLY the ad server. The servers are not used for anything other than the ad server. This approach allows our users to focus on building their businesses rather than dealing with server management and maintenance and allows us to focus on improving the product.

But I want to use my own domain name. Is that possible?

Yes, you can use your own domain name. You would utilize a DNS CNAME as outlined in your inClick Cloud Server order. This approach allows you to host your primary website in your own envrinment independent of the ad server - a segmented approach.

For example, consider the functions you need for your web site:

  • Your Website - ( The pages that describe the service you offer.
  • Email - ([email protected]) How people would contact you.
  • Support Desk - ( If you have the volume, using a third party help-desk system may be needed.
  • Ad Server - ( Our platform, one of the services you are offering.

The web site itself can be hosted on your own server using any content management system you want. Or, if you don't know how to install or manage scripts like Wordpress or Joomla, use a third party service like Weebly or Wix.

If you are using a third party service for the web site, you may want to do the same thing for email. From Gmail for Business, to Rackspace Email, these reliable options are available for you.

Expect to have a lot of questions from your users? Consider using a third party help-desk system such as zendesk.

Finally, you have the ad server that runs in our controlled and managed environment.

My Company Requires We Host It and/or Have Access to Source Code

In some instances, our inClick Cloud solution may not fit your projects requirements. For those situations, inClick Download Enterprise may be the only option. With inClick Download Enterprise, you are granted a license to the inClick Ad Server source code giving you the ability to modify the code to fit your project requirements.

inClick Download Enterprise is available on a one-time licensing fee with an optional annual renewal for continued access to new releases.

inClick Download Enterprise is ideal for those that have direct control of their infrastructure and have the ability to manage that infrastructure. This product is not for those in shared environments, or for those looking for a cheap or low-cost script. inClick Download Enterprise is ideal for the large scale use cases (billions of queries daily) and / or those that have specific project requirements that inClick Cloud cannot fulfill.

For more information and pricing information, contact your inClick Account Representative or call (248)581-8787 9A-5P Eastern, Monday through Friday.